Bay window seat and surround, with hand painted panelling and gold leaf edging.

Inside & Out

New windows

Protecting your new windows is an absolute must if you want them to stay looking great and maintain their integrity. Good quality applications will ensure good condition for your windows for years to come.



Older windows

No matter what condition your windows are in now, we can repair and refresh for you. Contact us now and we'll be happy to discuss and prepare a quote for you.




Restoring your windows can represent a much more cost-effective approach than replacing them.


Restoration work usually involves elements of carpentary, joinery, as well as painting - all of which we will be happy to manage for you. 


Our craftsmen will work with you to identify the best approach according to your property's requirements. 




Maintaining your property properly is essential.


In the same way regular care of your car will help avoid expensive repair breakdown bills, establishing a regular 

maintenence program once a year can ultimately save you a lot of money, help avoid unnecessary repair and restoration work, whilst ensuring your home looks amazing and retains it's value.







Fully insured. References available. Risk Assessments upon request.


Call us now on 07710 088 947 - we'll be happy to discuss your windows with you.

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